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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Add to my wishlist!

For me fashion is not all about using branded item or buying expensive clothing,bags and etc..etc...
so what i want to add on my wish list is to saved money and then travel to Kuala Lumpur just to buy fashionable item where i can get it cheaper! No wonder people there are soo fashionable..cuz the cloths there is cheaper...cheaper bag, Dress,leather Jacket,shoes,And Moree~~! Shopping Heavan! cuz it cheaper~
okay well then again thinking back the price for plane ticket  is consider not  cheap  but well i might as well  go when it having a promotion right..go..go..Air Asia~ now everyone can fly...even gurl like me! woot! woot!
So Moral of the story is..
you do not need to be rich  or using branded stuff to be fashionable!

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