Welcome to whoever person that currently reading this blog of mine.Well basically this blog is about all the random thing that came out from my mind. That's all and bye!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i am still awake!

okayy so it already 5.34 am..
and i am still awake.. why?? because im studying for my transport tourism paper this friday
punya lamaa sudah tidak study sampai pagi begini...
apa tidak mood RAJIN datang kaan~~
lagi-lagi laa time jam 9 sudah saya tidur sampai jam 10 maw dekat jam 11..
still fresh skit sekarang..probably because im at bilik study and the air cond is soo refreshing!hehehe..
but badan sakit2 dah sikit..penat kali badan dari tadi x berbaring..
anyway i was like dari tengahari lagi nie di bilik study...i am not sure what stuff that i already study...the only time saya balik bilik was at jam 7 just to bath and eat and rest..okay..so basically i rested from 7 to 10 almost 11 pm...hmm..wondering how many hours is that...hmm..oww whatever..Lazy to count it! Even my friend dah terbaring dekat lantai bilik study nie..probably waiting for me...hmm..kena kasi bangun nie..suruh balik pergi tidur dibilik dia...anyway tis study room got carpet...so bole laa sesiapa yang ingin sleepover disini...got aircond lagi nieee~~~ okaayyy... me maw tidur already..hihi.. entah la jam brapa terbangun nanti nie...lets just watch and see lerh.. okaayy good night and morning!! :D

Monday, March 19, 2012

excitement turn into disappointment

Anyway yesterday i was suppose to get my first ever item that i bought online. 
Damn i was soo excited about it that i wake up early,bath early and i even make myself wear Baju Kurung in order to get the postage plus the post mini is far from my college and i have to passed the Admin block.. 
Usually i am lazy to go anywhere during Monday cause we Wajib use Baju Kurung especially when you have to Melalui  the Admin block..grr..
i was like smiling crazily along the way to get my stuff.. In my mind was what could get wrong right? 
Well i was wrong.. Turns out the Post Office at our campus was CLOSED!!!Arghh... i was soo frustrated and felt soo disappointed.. Then after that i was thinking like what in the heck is all my effort for..Hoho~Sia-sia...penat penat jak urang excited bah~~ grr...
arghh!! Tidaakkk~~~~
Well however since i was already there and the cafe is close to it..So i decided to go buy myself a delicious 
meal which have been made my day a lil bit cheerful..hehe!
Well anyway i am sure today that post office is open...if not..i am totally going to burn that post office..haha! Kidding!
Anyway i am still soo excited about the item...curious bout what item that i bought?? stay tune..i will make a post about it as soon as i get that stuff!! yeah! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crapy call: granny scared of wifi LOLz

i had just listen a crapy call by fly fm just now..
seriously this one is really2 funny..
they were pretending to be a granny who scared of wifi line entering her house or something..
haha! and then she complain to the guy konon yang his wifi was like a person entering her house without permission or something then2 she also said that the wifi is like a ghost wandering in her house so shes like soo scared laa konon..haha..she said the wifi even followed her when she goes to the toilet and it creeps her..haha!
Damn soo funny.. people usually feels soo excited if wifi line available at their house right but this granny scared pulakz..haha..thank goodness its only a prank..
kalau la got people like these exist haha i don't know laa...memang pelik ow~~ hehe!
Damn i laugh soo hard while listening to the prank that my sleeping room mate become annoyed..haha! Sorry room mate...its just soo funny.Deng scared of wifi???punya laa rugi!hahaha...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

first final exam paper!

finally today is my first paper for our final exam which is entrepreneurship subject..
seriously i am not sure what i feel right now...and i am not even sure whether i remember or not what that i had study...hoho well this is what i usually feel every time i had an exam or test..
well wish i could do the best that i can..huhu..
anyway probably i am nervous..i don't know.. but i want to share this song Angel by Cody Simpson

My angel,
How'd you get to be so fly,
How'd you get to shine so bright, girl
How'd you get to look like that,
Heaven don't you call her back, yeah

doo doo doo doo do, 

Halo Halo, I'm not sayin' hi,
Baby there's a ring above your head,
And it shines so bright in the sunlight, in the sunlight
Ayo Ayo, this is like a dream
Every bit of you it makes me weak,
How did I get here, in the sunlight, in the sun
I must be in Heaven
Cause I'm looking at an Angel
Whose staring back at me
Her eyes so heavenly
I must be in Heaven
Cause I'm looking at an Angel
There's no one on this Earth
that's made this beautiful
I must be in Heaven

Here we are, looking at the stars 
I can hear, the beating of your heart, 
I could listen to this song forever 
You're the breeze, cruising down my coast, 

You're the jam, baby I'm the toast, 

It's so sweet when we're together 

And if I ruled the world I'd name an island for ya, 
You could tell all your girls I named an island for you, 

I must be in Heaven
Cause I'm looking at an Angel
Whose staring back at me
Her eyes so heavenly
I must be in Heaven
Cause I'm looking at an Angel
There's no one on this Earth
that's made so beautiful
I must be in heaven

Halo, Halo I'm not saying hi
baby there's a ring above your head
and it shines so bright in the moonlight
in the moonlight, my angel

How'd you get to be so fly, 
How'd you get to shine so bright, girl
How'd you get to look like that, 
Please heaven don't you call her back, 

doo doo doo doo do

doo doo doo doo do

My Angel, 

doo doo doo doo do

mmm mmm mmm mmm mm

My Angel 

Monday, March 12, 2012

how will i ever change

in my life i have hurts so many people especially people closed to me.
Often the choices i make hurt other people
i don't know why..but i feel my life is a mess right know
so many mistake and so many foolish act that makes me regret of doing it.
And not to forget my clumsiness which makes it worse.
Then mistakes... i often do the same mistakes..how will i ever change~

My strength My faith

Bapa yang kekal

Kasih yang sempurna
Telah ku trima dari Mu
Bukan kerna kebaikan ku
Hanya oleh Kasih Karunia Mu
Kau pulihkan aku
Layakkan ku tuk dapat memanggil Mu Bapa

Kau bri yg ku pinta
Saat ku mencari ku mendapatkan
Ku ketuk pintu Mu dan Kau bukakan
Sbab Kau Bapa ku
Bapa yang kekal

Takkan Kau biarkan
Aku melangkah hanya sendirian
Kau selalu ada bagiku
Sbab Kau Bapaku
Bapa yang kekal....

only god knows how i feel right now.. :')

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Laptop yang bervaccum

Who's laptop bervaccum... me me me.. why?? Because bunyi dia macam vaccum.. Why dia berbunyi sedemikian?? i don't know.. All i know.. Bunyi dia cukup untuk membuatkan orang takut Or orang ingat ada orang vaccum di tengah malam My Poor laptop.. not me arh yang me it sound like dat.. Ni time first time dapat lagi sudah bunyi macam nie i thought normal..but after several people complain about my laptop that loves to makes vaccum noises, Me jadi Doubt.. Oke.. Nanti la bila ada duit pegi tanaya kedai..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

we are young!

If you really love someone you will able to tolerate when they replying your message late, because they must have their reason for being late.so here i am being a tolerate lover by patiently waiting for her lover by listening to this totally cool song which remind her of being young so life must be enjoyed no matter how hard life is~ 

so after replaying this song over and over again at last the lover that being waited have finally replying his lover  message...turns out his handphone no battery.. So see..got reason right.. so guess its worth to wait so that's it and lets sing along together this song! :) 

give me a second ii need to get my story straightmy friends are in the bathroomgetting higher than the empire statemy lover she's waiting for mejust across the barmy seats been taken by some sunglassesasking 'bout a scarand i know i gave it to you months agoi know you're trying to forgetbut between the drinks and subtle thingsthe holes in my apologiesyou know i'm trying hard to take it backso if by the time the bar closesand you feel like falling downi'll carry you home
tonightwe are youngso let's set the world on firewe can burn brighterthan the sun
tonightwe are youngso let's set the world on firewe can burn brighterthan the sun
and i know that i'm notall that you goti guess that ii just thought maybe we could find a ways to fall apartbut our friends in backso let's raise a toastcause i found someone to carry me home
tonightwe are youngso let's the set the world on firewe can burn brighterthan the sun
tonightwe are youngso let's set the world on firewe can burn brighterthan the sun
carry me home tonightjust carry me home tonightcarry me home tonightjust carry me home tonight
the moon is on my sidei have no reason to runso will someone come and carry me home tonightthe angels never arrivedbut i can hear the choirso will someone come and carry me home
tonightwe are youngso let's set the world on firewe can burn brighterthan the sun
tonightwe are youngso let's set the world on firewe can burn brighterthan the sun
so if by the time the bar closesand you feel like falling downi'll carry you home tonight

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Lazy Moment

study week had again begin..actually its began since 4.3.2012.. 
But i was too lazy to update my blog or for more precisely, i dont have any idea of what to be written...Hmm..
But now  no more worries saya ada idea sudah! wee~~
so basically what i've done during this study week break is watch korean drama back2back nonstop,
sleep late, and then wake up in the morning feeling the cold wind breeze into my room.Then laying on my bed until i feel like i want to go bath or feel hungry, if not i would continue  laying on my bed while my laptop on my lap readings on someone else blog. i like that feeling very much~ i like it.. the Lazy moment. Since my room mate  going back  to her home since its a study week break for 1 week which is fun, so i was how to say..alone in the room.. which is fine with me. I enjoy the feeling of being alone in my room and  i can do anything i want including bring my "tilam" to the center of our room and then tidur dibawah kipas~~ and then berhadapan dengan our room window~
Punya best tu..Sejuk~~ Then when u wake up u can feel the sun shine through your body~ fuh~ the feeling is like so comfortable.. and then not to forget when i was in my Selimut while hugging my fluffy bantal busuk lembek..uhuu~~ sungguh indahnya perasaan tuh~ hehe!
Okay it must be weird right im talking about that since it a study week where im suppose to talk about how hard i was studying..hehe! But if i tell that kind of stuff, that would be a lie since i only touch my book when i was in my mood which most of the time i dont have any mood!hehe! But still i did study a little bit  which i only do the past semester paper.
So there it is... This is what i do during my last study week as diploma student! wuhuu! im excited to graduate! :D i really cant wait..teeehee~~

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last night

seems like fun right~ 
Last night i was playing rollercoaster tycoon 3 until 5 in the morning while waiting for someone.
its actually the first time i played the game since it has been long existed in my hard disk. Damn the game was soo hard to understand..well i was lazy to play the tutorial version that i straight play the no tutorial  and making my self wandering and experimenting everything that can be click. what the most stressful to make was the slides and all any type of rides cause i cannot find how to make it end..Grr really pss me off...grr 
Anyway i was end up waking up at 10.30 am.. and still having the headache for sleeping late last night. Headache~Headache~ Dadyy Urut kepala saya~ Teehee... if only im home..
so that's what happen last night.. okay bye need to play that game again..seems like i have figured out how to make the slides finish!yeay~!  Adios..
this really give me the idea how to create my own theme park

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