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Friday, May 18, 2012


(credit to google)

Well the story is that i had just got a KFC SNAX card when i go to KFC with my mom..  Its only cost for RM3 so seems cheap to us so we bought it..so now i am officially gonna collect moree point and get discount every time going to KFC...Never really interested in collecting point actually... But after seeing Extreme couponing at TLC channel.. its sort of makes my head into thinking that i could actually save money by doing this stuff..well not soo much saving but at least it cost lesser than usual right~! teehee... ohya it also said that i can redeem something from that point..so its kinda cool and imma just gonna try it..hehe! and YOU guys also should try especially if you love to go to KFC...This card is suitable for YOU..YOU..and YOU..:D


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Helo guys!
anyway just got back from clinic Inanam to jumpa with doctor untuk minta ubat since my selsema tidak pandai baik-baik for almost 1 week already...huhu..memang sengara especially when i got a headache...and then found out that tomorrow i got an interview pulaa...sudah la suara rock2 macam nie..hehehe hope it wont stop me from having the interview..wish me luck guys!! hoho!:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Look!! just found out something awesome!!

So i just found out that we could actually used laptop speaker that using USB by connect it using charger adapter and then connect it to a socket!! isn't kinda cool...
well i had just found out about this when i was lying on the bed while trying to get some sleep which seems to be soo hard since to many stuff going on in my mind..Suddenly i thought about this stuff..then quickly get up from my bed and try the idea and its actually works!! it works!! yippeee...so happy right now..muahaha.. Probably someone else already knew about this or everybody knew about this early then me but still!! it still amazed me..muhahahaha..COOL..
This is what i call AWESOMENESS!!:D

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Lazy Monday!

Hello Monday!!
So here's  things happen today :)
First saudara dari Tambunan datang pegi rumah which makes me segan cause tidak biasa dengan dorank..padahal time kecik2 bukan main mesra lagik..hoho! apa lagik.. My dad with his cousin pun moginum laa...me pula dibilik sebab malu2 konon...teehee...Ntah brapa set bir dorank minum...tukang membeli is tak lain tak bukan---->ME..hoho..

Well that's the only thing that pretty special about today...other than that just same like with other typical day where saya mengemas rumah,baring-baring tengok tv until badan rasa lemah saja sebab tidak ada bersenam...This is what happen when kita terperuk saja dirumah without doing anything healthy...hoho..this is my problem actually...dimana i always only THINK but DONT ACT...muhahaha...dalam minda selalu jak cakap maw bersenam lah apa la..tapi tidak-tidak pun bertindak..hehe! marion~ marion~ memang melebar larh..hehe!SO anak-anak~ dont do this at home okey! hehe! jangan jadi macam auntie marion nie...hehe! cakap jak lebih..tapi tiada pun bertindak..hehe! so this is reminder for me and for people out there! dont just think!but act larh! key :)
 adioss... :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hello fellow readers!
Well its already been a month since i finished my diploma.
And now the only routine that i do these days is doing house chores, sleep, eat, lying on the bed while watching Tv's and sometime i go out to with my boyfriend watching movie's or going lunch with him.

Well this is not what i'm hoping to do really except dating with my men..teehee... My plan was actually get my license first then find a part time job while waiting for continuing my degree. Sadly due to unwanted circumstances  all my plan gone wrong and i already wasted my 1 month by doing nothing..hoho
gaaaa~~~ i feel so jealous with my friends who already got their part time job. Huhu.. 

Well again these is all i want to post today...okbye!~
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