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Saturday, February 26, 2011

what i learn yesterday..

So yesterday i go to church, and this what i have learn :
1.We must not change god with money which means let god controlled your life...not money. money cant bring u to heaven..but god can...

2.Put god in center of our life which means we need to balance our other life and with god.

3.Whatever we do, we must put god first.whenever we want to make decision, we need to think what would god think.whether our action is accepted by god or not.

4.Do not stress ourselves to much by worrying about what will happen tomorrow and always believe that god never forget us.   
5.Key to be looking young is to have no worries, just trust in god and let him lead the way..but dont forget to plus hardworking because if you only hoping to god but do nothing or do any action, that is totally dumb...and ur a dumbAss...hoho! 

As conclusion:   
DonT worry and just Be Happy...Plus Dont Forget to Think Before You Act Because There Is Always Somebody Watching Which is God....Ho!Ho!...
(p/s: the word dumb and dumbAss i my own word and not what i have learn at church.... peace no war~!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

adui lajunya wifi~

Adui...lajunyaa wifi malam nie.. macam sya maw online ja ow..sudah la besok ada class jam 8..adedeh..hmm..mata sa pn ada rasa cam ngantuk nie...tapi indak maw pla tidur nie taw..aduina...apa la yang saya merepek udah nie..huhu...anyway ari nie study fin a.k.a finance..besok malam ada test..hee gudluck to me~
td wat latihan dua chapter ja tapi makan masaa ber jam2..hoho! habis la bsok ntah cmnana nie...hmm..ntah la.. mlas ow maw tdur...hmm..ada ka org yg malas maw tdur?? hehe! ada... marion la nie... hoho..baru saya sedarr ow saya pnya ayat kn bnyk btul noktah dblakang nie saya ltak... nahhh. bnyk ow~
hee.... nah ada g.... nahh again. hehe! ohya sma bnyk "hehe!"
hmm... k laa.. enough all of these nonsense. i am going to baca skejap my fin notes then want to do 100 sit up..pray..then sleep! nitez.. adios...

song of the night: TANPA DIRIMU by KILLING ME INSIDE

Lirik Killing Me Inside - Tanpa Dirimu

Aku memang bukan yg terbaik,


Dan aku memang bukan yang terindah


Mungkin semuanya tidak seperti

Saat kita bisa berbagi bersama

Aku takkan rela bila kau tak ada



Kuberlari dan terjatuh (disini)

Kumencari dan tak ada (dirimu)

Aku sendiri dan aku berdiri

Hanya untuk bersamamu

Aku disini selalu menanti

Saat nanti kau akan kembali

Mungkin seandainya kau hadir disini

Saat aku lelah dan tak tau arah

Aku takkan rela

Bila kau tak ada


Back to Reff.

Aku memang bukan yg terbaik.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wanna go see couple band concert...

27.2.2011 couple band will perform in an event at my campus! 
yesh! cant wait ow... i loves couple band 
well.. as preparation for the concert i already search lyrics of their song...hehe!!
semangat nie!! hihi.. maw nyanyi nie nti sma2 konon...hehe!
but unfortunately not all their song lirik available on the internet...hmm nevermind.. hoho..
all their song is very nice! hehe! makes me wanna shakes ma body and dance...hehe!
the lyric of their song   is so simple and easy to follow and some of it are even funny..hehe!
okey  basically this will adds my list of band that i meet before...hehe! which is very few...
so lets all hope that i have a great time seeing them perform which is i think is certain..
ohya.. later i might post some photo on the event.. 
as conclusion....
0opss! not....
loves couple band......
i love couple band....=)

Monday, February 21, 2011

i just want to post stuff

sleepy... its already 2.09 am... tomorrow clas at 8 am... but i refuse to sleep...why?? maw puas2 online!! its not always i get to online u know...
ohya...today do sit up 50 times at afternoon..n 50 times again recently... for what?? duh!! want to have six packs! not 1 big round packs...oho... hope can manage to continuously do this routines... and not only for hangat2 tahi  ayam...which i always does..
is waiting to download some stuff...what stuff?? ada larr tuee....~
again sleepy......
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