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Monday, May 27, 2013

turning table

Hye anonymous reader,
I dont know why, but its seems this semester its like everybody turn to me or in other words all depend on me when it turn to making sure the group assignment are moving and everybody ask to me what we gonna do about the assignment and its seems like everyone expect me the one who supposed to finished it.. 
Hmm.. its all of sudden i am the one who need to done it all. hmm.. when im in my diploma i used to be the one who just need to follow  my group instruction but now..its seems like everybody are waiting for me to make the instruction. and honestly, i seriously would rather prefer when i am the one who waiting on instruction instead of giving on instruction.. are this what we called as turning table? hmm.. i dont know..okey.. done with this.. need to do my assignment.. adios..

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Little Dreams

I dont know since when i have that dreams.
that dreams of becoming a rock band vocalist aka rockstar..aiseh! hehe! probably since high school maybe..hehe..
But guess too bad its just a dream..
The only moment i can feel how is it like to be rockstar is when im on  karaoke with my friends. That's the only place where i can loose myself up and become uncontrollable singing..hehe! Singing as if im in a drugs Hehe! and that's what my friend always said to me.. hehe! they often said that when we go karaoke together i was like a mad person on a drugs while singing..hehe! But one thing for sure is that i lighten up the stage...muhahaha..which makes everyone entertain regardless whether im making fun of myself..muhahaha..to me i couldnt care less as long as we had fun fun fun! wuhuu.. 
Moral of the story is?? its no wrong in having a dream or angan2?? can we? hehe!

Never mind what people think or thought about us cause.....


Monday, May 6, 2013

Never Should really

We should never really easily attach to someone cause in the end or probably on some occasion you might get your heart crush and the worst part of it is the awkward moment when you have to meet them every day and pretend like you dont care but deep down inside your heart are like potato that being smashed minus that delicious taste cause it sucks so bad. Damn..

Even though your life moves on, but the feelings still wont change and you cannot help but too feel awful about it. That's is why sometime we should not be too friendly with everyone cause to keep up with them is sometime too hard and you just cant help yourself being hurt easily. And because of that it suck to be me. Why? cause i cannot help myself from being friendly cause that is just me and because of that also makes me hurt easily and plus become BUNTU and dont know what to do or to handle stuff. Try to just pretending nothing wrong, but deep down inside, you just cant help it being down, down, down.

Probably its just me and my own feeling, but i dont know...Teehee..
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