Welcome to whoever person that currently reading this blog of mine.Well basically this blog is about all the random thing that came out from my mind. That's all and bye!

About Me

currently study in uitm segamat johor.
taking diploma in business study in  transport.
home at kg kitobu inanam kota kinabalu sabah.
i mayy lookx cute at photo..hehe..but im realy arrr not watz ur guyzz thinking if only lookz in picx..

stuff that u need to know about me:
1.crazy..(im not kiddin)
2.in reality people dont think i dont have talent..haha
3.funny..spontaneosly(thatz watz my friend toldz me)
5.realy2 easy to fOrget stuff..
6.rOckx berabizz
7.when listen to sOngzz can get emOsionall brabizz...meanss terlalu mendalami sOngz tue..ahaha...
8.lazyy...kena sruh bru watz..
9.im blurrr(my frenzz said im pending...huhu!! don care though..hehe)
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