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Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 The downfall of Marion Megan

Hello guys,

2013 seems like not a pretty good year for me.
regardless with family or with friends seems like everything all went wrong.
Its like if looking into my life graph, my status is currently at the bottom line.hoho
i dont know how will i able to go through with all of these.
Plus even with my studies i got some constraint with..Haish..
Plus again even my skin,my weight..everything gone wrong..hoho..getting more acne, more fatter and all the more of the bad thing. Hoho..
 Thus, i can conclude that my life graph on the 1st quarter and 2nd quarter of 2013 are totally declining..haha~!
See.. i can even make a graph out of it..
Oh well, all i can do is just go through it all with the companion of music.. which makes me feels a lot better every time im on the bottom line.
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