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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Suistereo Addiction!

Hello People~~
Today I would like to share a very talented band from Borneo.
They are the  Suistereo   band. An indie band from Keningau Sabah.
knew them from my friend..she share it on facebook tehee~
damn their music is soo addictive... they were like the Malaysian Version Of Artic Monkey..
so if ur guys like Arctic Monkey music...u guys totally going to like this band because both of the vocalist voice is a little bit alike with Alex turner..hehe! Damn again i have to say this...their music is soo addictive... currently i am addicted to their song on the top of the mountain. i dont know why i keep listen to it. So its feels like totally wasteful if i dont share about the band. Plus for more info Click this to go to their Facebook page! and Dont forget to LIKE!!:D

Anyway this is the one that i addicted with right now : 
On The Top Of The Mountain -by- Suistereo 

And this is another one of their song which is also worth to listen

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The last day of 2011

have been wanted to post this stuff a long time ago...
finally I did it...yeah!
so anyway this is what I did during new year's eve...
First the night was running slow and having dinner with the Beliau's~
then in my mind....damn! what a boring night...because we dont have any plan and we were at my uncle house to accompany my grandma since my uncle and his family go celebrate new year eve at his wife family place...

However..the foods was great...apa lagi makan berhabis ler...
my mom cook sup asam ikan keli~~ punyaa sedap~~~ fuh~
Made especially for me before going back to segamat johor...boohoo~ busaan~

Then thank goodness ada aunty saya then we were both feel very frustrated for the boring night then started to making plan for the two of us Berkaraoke..hhihi..deng brilliant idea.. but but but...ada big problem...we dont know how to pasang karaoke set.. since bukan rumah kami tempat kami karaoke...then my nenek lagi balik2 suruh tidak payah larh karaoke..hoho~ then i was like ina2..jangan koe risau ina..pandai larh kami nih...then again she still refuse niee.... then i said bah tepa la kami buat diluar...hehehe..so apa lagi... pergi ambil laptop...ambil speaker dirumah saya...mic tuan rumah punya...but tuan rumah tidak dah dirumah sebab celebrate new year eve di tempat lain..muhahaha.. 
and then another problem  we dont know where they put their karaoke cd's so we go to my aunt house to borrowed their cd's without knowledge their since dorank pun tiada dirumah..hihihi..nakal2~~ baahh macamana busan tahap gaban kan~~ 
p/s: ina is my grandma.. :D
 Then kesyokan karaoke the two of us only...sampai angkat2 kaki...too comfortable already since nobody   ganggu us karaoke...wuhuu...even though sounds pathetic  since we are the only person yang berkaraoke...but still we had fun and that night seriously was the craziest night and there was too much laughing going on sampai maw pecah perut ketawaa...me pun tidak ingat sudah what soo funny about the night.. And the most important thing is...KAMI PUAS BERKARAOKE...wuhuu~~!! ohya to add on while singing karaoke from cd's we also search karaoke video from youtube...punyaa cool...sambil2 tunggu buffering nyanyi first yang dari cd's.. :D clever right??hehe! terBAEK~!xD
 Nih larh my aunty muda yang cute....teman bergila for the night....hehe
then me...kesyokan berkaraoke sudah~ wee~ mabuk not because of alcohol..but karaoke..hahaxD

 Then its already 2012..so banyak la bunga api...which is so pretty...we go dtengah2 jalan raya tinggu bunga api...then manage to snap a picture of it..but..since im not a professional photographer this is the only picture i manage to catch...hahaxD
 Then after tired from karaokeing we kena sponser by 100 plus...so minum 100 plus jak lar..hehe!~
 Then sempat lagi buat promotion 100 plus..haha!
 Thankx 100 plus for giving us energy to sing for the night...
haha! then remind me of something very funny... konon2 maw goncang2 100pluss tuh supaya  dia meletups macam minum wain konon...so apa lagi...pergi jalan raya sudah nie...sdh goncang2...haha then by the time buka tutup...well as we all can expected from an isotonic drink...it didnt meletups laa...hahaha
damn! sejak bila isotonik bole dibuat macam wain~ muhahaha...crazy night really..

so these are the tiger's that we manage to finish that night...hahahaxD
no la~~ joking~ this tins mmg sudah adaa disana...hehe!
anyway our karaoke session finish when suddenly the owner of the house which we didnt expected to return home was actually return home..haha! apa lagi... mengelabah larh..sudah lah that my uncle yang macam kira tegas juga la..haha! damn~ Nasib tidak kena marah~~ haha! then we buat-buat tidak taw...then slowly we tidy up our mess and slowly, silently when back to our own home..hehe! 
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