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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Azam 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!
well today i am going to tell about my azam baru  and what i wanna do for this year.
So Here Is The List:
1.first of all, i want to spent more my time with God.
2. to be more patient
3. control my anger
4. more focus in everything i do
5. avoid doing the same mistake
6. to be more matured
7. And Dieting!! wuhuu~ gambate! hehe!
8. lessen the lazy to study
9. Get my driving license
10. get a part time job after finish my diploma
11. to having fun full blast when  my 21st birthday arrived
12.Make Plenty of money during having part time job..
13. buy all the things i like with the money i get...
and the list goes on and on~~~ teeeheee....
That's all....
again may this new year bring us more happiness and joy..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Mr.R

Dear Mr.R....
sorry for giving you hopes 
even though knowing it will never be forever
i have hurt you and it hurts for me too
sorry for being selfish
but we need to go separate way
i think this is the best for us
even though its hurts freakin bad
but life must go on

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

its almost christmas!!

yup Christmas is coming soon...
and i cant wait to go back to my home and celebrate it with my family woot2~
well what we do usually on Christmas is we will all gather together and eat a many delicious food..
and not to forget going to church on Christmas eve's  wearing new clothes and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ which is son of the lords...which is also th main reason 4 celebrating Christmas...to celebrate and be joy because the son of the lord have been born and saves us from our sins...:)
thank you Jesus Christ~ love u! :)
anyway this is a Christmas song from JB feat Usher... well since we are in Malaysia there is no chestnuts being burn on an open fires...however hopes you all enjoy this songs....


Sunday, December 4, 2011

i like it:reading my own blog

yeah i really like it reading my own blog because from there i am able to look back into my past and see how dumb i was or any lesson that i learn back then and try to remember it so that i can make myself into a better person.
this post right now i am pretty sure no person like to read this..hehe!
just like what my junior have said..."i am not interest in reading people talk about themselves "
so thinking back..its some sort of dumb thing to write something that people dont like to read..
but think back again...well i dont mind that..as long as i am happy i will continue to write about me..myself..hehe! :)
thats it i guess...have a good day everyone... sincerely megan :)

the last semester

owkay lets just straight to the point.
this semester will be the last for me as a diploma student 
so i have decided to study very-very die to the hard to make sure 
i get a very-very good results since my last semester i was not able to achieve my target due to my laziness butt! the i am sure this is all because of the bad aura of my room last sem.(excuses againxD)

so let the game begin!
fuh! i am soo on fire right now..
and feeling soo full with guts right now..
wee...^_^ lets hope for the best of me to come out!
gambate neh~~! :3

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