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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Done with Degree Semester 5


Finally all the studying for test, exam, and doing assignment is finally over and another 1 more semester and i will end my Degree courses. Im very happy but sad at the same time, i dont realize that by this thing to be end means i will now rarely gonna meet with my classmate, i am surely gonna miss them. i love them so much and thinking about not being able to gathered together again make me so sad seriously. I think they are the best classmate i ever had. I dont know when we are able to gathered together again someday. Huu.. However, life must go on. People come people go, but i think if we truly are friends we could always meet up right :) I will never forget them.

Hee, end about that part, now what i am worried is my practical, serious shit i am so nervous, im so scared that im gonna mess it up. Since i know im not the kind of person who have the smartest brain. im slow! my brain is slow! i dont know whether i can keep up with this. seriously im Scared! Not to mention we will be doing our own research paper! by our own, as in by MYSELF!?? Oh My Gashh! im not sure im capable of it. Seriously im lazy to think about it.

 Anyway just finish my last paper exam yesterday and i hope i can pass all of my subject because if i dont,,, there will be NO PRACTICAL for me. yeah you can read it clearly right... NO PRACTICAL! Hoho.. im surely cannot imagine and i dont even want to imagine about failing any of my subject. This i give it to god to handle it. I have done my part, and i probably havent given all my effort to it. BUT i still hope to Pass it with a good result! Who doesnt want this right??? right?? HEe...

So i have only about 1 and a half week for holidaying, and im gonna start my practical on 3rd February which is gonna be very soon from now! huuu....my holiday! its so short! i dont like it! im tired! and i dont think there are any rest for me since i need to think about my research topic!!! aarghh...im stress, nervous and most of it i am freaking out right now...Hee i know i think to much~ but i cant help it..hoho..

Anyhow, good luck to me~ huhu..


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