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Thursday, January 16, 2014

My feeling today (16.01.2014)

Its been raining almost every day these day.
Luckily today there aren't any rain.
Today i felt like the sun shine so pretty i dont know why its just,
and it make me happy for no reason, the air breeze are also nice, i like it a lot.
Seriously for the first time in my life these are the prettiest sun shine i ever seen or probably just realize.
wish i could take picture of what i feel that time, but yeah its hard to explain. Probably i had just learn to love
the little thing in life that make this bitter world a pretty place.

Another thing that i felt pretty today is myself! Haha!
dont know why i just do.
even though im not like other girl who is as slim as f**k which i often jealous of. And with my large belly, hugh legs and thigh,round and wide faces with pimples and pimples scars....
But today im grateful, hihi..
I guess its normal that human will never be satisfied for what they had, some girl who is even skinnier than me still think them as if they are the fattest people on earth..hehe! well same for me which i know there a people even larger than me, but still i think im as big as them.
But, but, but...
today im seriously grateful and i wish i will keep up this positive vibe of mine~ Hee...
Enjoy your life people, stop wanting what others have, but if you really want it, do something about it, get it, dont just sit there and think or jealous about what they have.
This is also well an advise to myself i guess, cause we are the same, me and you are human, again its normal to be like me. But i read some picture during searching at google, it said "DREAM DONT WORK, UNLESS YOU DO." So do something about your dreams people, and i will making sure that i does it to :)


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