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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The truth's is

The truth's is i never really like my life. I have been it hated since like forever. What i hunger the most in life is freedom. I seriously hate it when people dont give me my freedom. seriously i hate how my life is not like most of other people who can freely go wherever they want. Sometime i rather having no family at all if this is the life that i have been given. Why do they have to do this to me. I hate it! i hate it soo much! i wanna fight them im afraid i get hurt even more. there is no point of arguing when in the end all you get is more heart breaks more stress and all. i seriously hate it. im now like seriously wanted to scream my heart out. scream until im satisfied, scream until all this hurts in my heart gone. Gone with the scream. but sadly im afraid they could hear it and then would hurts my heart even more. i hate this life ever since when i am little. This thing which they called love are so hurts it hurts me deeply. i think that if my heart could really bleed right now because of heart ache it already bleeding heavily... why why why i cant have life like others. is this what they called Love??? then love sucks i rather they dont love me at all if this is the case. people may called me ungrateful...yes i am seriously ungrateful! i dont give a damn. cause right now my heart is veryyy hurts and there is nothin i can do but to just spit it out here. shit...macam maw maki2 saja bah...seriously pukima punya kehidupan..sometime i rather die than to live this such an awful life. i know my life is not the worse and there  are other people are more suffering than mine. but still i hate it soo much as if i wanna run away but i know what are the consequence is so i have to kept this hurtful feeling.. seriously i felt like want to cry out loud shout out loud for my freedom.. why does life have to be this suffocating!!!!!! arggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


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